March 2012 archive

One Surgery Down, One to Go

Colin post surgery just after opening his eyes. Everything with the surgery was a perfect success with no complications. He woke up at around 1pm with head pain from the stitches and a really scratchy throat. He will get icechips at 4pm to help with his throat. Right now he is talking and visiting with …

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Surgery Day

We wanted to give you an update on Colin. We took this photo right before he went into surgery. He seemed in good spirits and just wanted to play his DS football game as long as possible. The surgery started at 8:42 am and we received an update at 10:30 that all is well. They …

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Breaking Through the Barriers of Dystonia

HISTORY In early March 2011 when Colin was 6, you would think a completely normal healthy boy as you would watch him race around the bases in his first week of his 3rd year of baseball. He was the fastest on the team, and by all means, took his sports very seriously. Already at the …

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