Running with the Big Boys!

This is a photo of Colin running on the football field with his brother. He was invited by the team to run through the tunnel in support of all that he has been through this past couple of years. Colin was so excited to be on the field with the varsity team during their home opener and so were we. This was such a special moment for him since he has such a huge love of the game and being on the field feels like home to him. Seeing him run with the big boys brought us such great joy knowing that he can do this now…he can walk and he can run!

Colin was in San Francisco on September 5th for some additional programming. They increased the pulse width on his simulator which allows for a longer duration of electrical impulse to his brain. They also lowered his voltage back down to 2.5 so that we could see if this would help at a lower voltage. They also allowed for the remote that we have to increase him all the way up to 3.5 if needed. This gives us quite a range to increase the volts prior to his next visit which is set for December 5th. The programming seems to be working well and we plan to increase slowly only as needed. Again there are still some minor muscle movements, but they seem even less now. We will continue to post on his progress and programming as we continue this journey.

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    • Kristy Whigham on November 13, 2012 at 2:44 am
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    I haven’t checked in on Colin for a while, thought I do see him at school :), and reading this brought tears to my eyes. I am so thankful to see him doing so well. You all have had to deal with so much and I’m grateful that you found something and someone who really helped. Hugs, prayers, and love to you all.
    Mrs. Whigham

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