Second Surgery Success!

Colin’s final surgery to implant the battery packs was a success. His surgery lasted approximately 2 hours. This surgery was a little more painful then the last as they had to tunnel in the wires from his brain stimulators, to behind his ears, neck, chest, and finally down to the battery packs which has caused collective pain in all three areas. He has 5 incisions as a result the large across the top of his head, two incisions behind the ears (one behind each ear), and two across the upper part of his chest (one for each box). As you can see in the photos he has a new head wrap and patches where the batteries were placed, that he has to wear for a week.

We are looking forward to the programming process to begin and to see the initial relief of symptoms. They turned on the stimulators immediately after surgery but at the lowest voltage setting (0.5V) to begin brain acclimation, there is no relief of symptoms at this point. It won’t be until 4/26 when all bandages, staples and stitches are removed that he will get his first programming and hopefully see some improvement, but not the likely case as it usually it takes 1 – 2 months to see noticeable improvement with Dystonia. More updates to follow!

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