Final Step!


Today was the final day at the Dr’s office. He got his third head turbin replaced and bandages removed from his chest, and first programming done.


Left: Colin with implanted boxes in his chest.

Center: The boxes that were implanted in each side of his chest. The inner wire as shown is the lead that was implanted into the brain. The outer larger lead is the one that goes from the connector at the top of his head down to each box in his chest.

Right: Shows the scale of the box. The boxes aren’t huge, but because Colin’s chest is so skinny it makes them look huge.


PROGRAMMING: This was the final leg of today’s visit and probably the most important. It actually went very well! We learned today that Colin has a very high threshold for the voltage into his head. This is a very good thing because it means he has a lot of distance before side effect, plenty more in fact then he will need in order to get to full benefit. He was able to tolerate over 6V, while 2-4 volt is all that is ever required. Many do not get to full benefit because they are limited by their own body’s natural ability to tolerate the voltage. If they cannot tolerate the peak voltage required to curb the symptoms, a balance must be set thereby compromising the benefit.

Colin is now set for 1V in each lead. Starting Friday night, we will begin to increment the voltage up?by 100mv (or .1V) every night until either satisfactory benefit is reached or the 3V limit, whichever is first. Our first appt is set for 1 month out where we will come back to SF and get final signoff, acheive a finer dial-in to programming, and if needed get a higher voltage threshold setting above the 3V limit that is currently set.

We will continue to post on Colin’s progress as we move into a new chapter of his life where he can once again be?all that he yearns to be at 7 and beyond….. Thank-you all for your love, support, and prayers that you have sent our way as you can never know how much it has meant to him and to us. 🙂


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